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Phoenix Drain Cleaning Services


When you start to notice your home having the symptoms of a drainage problems, you need to act fast. Clogged drains aren’t just a nuisance: They can be a serious sanitation issue if left unattended, and blockages that build-up overtime can cause expensive and severe pipe damage. So if you’ve started to notice that your drains:

  • Clear slowly, leaving pools in your sink/shower
  • Make gurgling noises
  • Back-up frequently
  • Emanate foul odors (particularly from the garbage disposal)

or any other signs of disrepair, you should call the experts at Anthony’s Plumbing for help today. Our service professionals are friendly and enthusiastic, because at Anthony’s we treat our technicians and our customers fairly. We offer all of the important tools and fixes you need to have your plumbing up and running again! There’s no better deal, and that’s because we know you’ll be satisfied with our services  and will call us again.

Anthony’s Plumbing: Drain Cleaning Services

Our drain clearing professionals are trained in all of the different ways to address drain problems. We can look into your drains with a camera-tipped video cable to find exactly where and what the obstruction in your system is.  This video camera inspection is an invaluable process for detecting cracks, joint problems, debris, and collapses so that we can be sure to diagnose the problem correctly the first time. Having this pinpoint process done is a critical step to a proper solution! From there, your options include:

  • Drain Snaking: A state-of-the-art technology that enters your pipes with a hydraulic motion. While the front end of the snake “corkscrews” through the backup, returning your flow, the back end breaks up the substance and scrapes the interior clean.
  • Hydro-Jetting: When the snake can’t get the job done, our professionals move to high pressure water jetting, which can cut through any back up with its powerful stream. From sediment build-up to tree root intrusion, our hydro-jetting measure can handle it all. We’ll rehabilitate your system so those drains are completely free and clear.

The Benefits of Anthony’s Plumbing Drain Cleaning Services

Choosing Anthony’s Plumbing for your drain cleaning means you’ll get:

  • More Effective Drains
  • No More Health Concerns
  • Helpful Technician Advice

So contact the best plumbing team around for your Arizona drain cleaning solutions today!