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Phoenix Gas Line Installation, Repair, and Service


If your home’s appliances run on oil or electricity, you could be:

  • Doing Unnecessary Damage to the Environment
  • Pay Too Much on Utilities
  • Less Effectively Heating your Home

Why not make the switch to gas this year? Natural gas and propane are both phenomenal alternatives to oil that are cleaner, more versatile, more affordable, and even more readily available for most homeowners in the Phoenix area! By connecting your home to the gas line, you can save money and reduce your carbon footprint. Call the experts at Anthony’s Plumbing to make the switch today. Neighborhoods across America are already making this investment, and there’s no service contractor more qualified than Anthony’s Plumbing to bring you up to speed.

Anthony’s Plumbing: Gas Line Solutions

The process of having a new line run through your home is not to be attempted by amateurs. It requires a number of permits as well as a great deal of know-how, otherwise this dangerous fuel source could pose a serious threat to your family’s safety. With Anthony’s Plumbing, you’ll only pay what’s fair, and you’ll never have to worry about shoddy work. Our maintenance program is a top-of-the-line service, delivered to you at an affordable price so that your gas lines stay strong for years to come. We’ll secure all of the necessary permits and inspections, and soon you’ll be enjoying the many benefits of using gas as a fuel source.

In the case of a gas leak emergency, Anthony’s Plumbing is on the case. Leaks are rare, but can happen as a result of:

  • Damage to the Line
  • Loose Connections
  • Improper Installation

You can avoid all of these issues by simply installing and maintaining your gas system with us, the most trusted and knowledgeable family-style company in Arizona.

Benefits of Anthony’s Gas Service

Whether your home runs on natural gas or propane, making the switch from oil or electricity will bring you a modern fuel source that is:

  • The Cleanest Fossil Fuel
  • The Most Affordable Fuel Type
  • Superior Versatility
  • The Most Effective Temperature Control

Contact Anthony’s Plumbing for an estimate on your switch to natural gas today!