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Phoenix Hydro-Jetting Services


Drain clogs are a huge headache for homeowners, especially when basic services can’t help. Rooters and enzyme treatments will solve most minor obstructions, such as foreign objects that were flushed down the toilet accidentally or organic build-up in your shower drain. What about those recurring clogs, though? The ones that threaten your whole system? Such as:

  • Tree Root Intrusion
  • Sediment Build Up
  • Obstructions Too Deep in System
  • Grease
  • Old Metal Pipes

When these problems arise, other plumbing companies might recommend costly replacement and excavation for repairs. This is because their equipment is not up to date, or they would simply rather make a quick buck off of you. But there is another way.

Anthony’s Plumbing: Hydro-Jetting Solutions

For our technicians here at Anthony’s Plumbing, our Arizona clients’ happiness is the top priority. That’s why we offer the latest in drain clearing technology, high pressure water jetting (hydro-jetting) at a fair and affordable price.

The process is simple: A¬†machine is attached to the end of your piping, and it sprays water through your system at pressure rates as high as 35,000 PSI. It cleans the entire drain system, even taking off scale build-up to improve flow capacity and rehabilitate your plumbing. Whereas rooters and treatments are temporary fixes, hydro-jetting can actually increase the efficiency of your entire system in the long term! Anthony’s Plumbing loves the hydro-jetting procedure because it is so good at fixing recurring clogs and making our customers happy.

Benefits of Anthony’s Plumbing Hydro-Jetting Services

Hydro-jetting can restore your pipes and clear your most problematic clogs, giving you:

  • Better water pressures
  • Less recurring drain issues.
  • An environmentally-friendly solution
  • Greater Efficiency

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