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Phoenix Leak Detection


You won’t always know when your home or business’s piping system has a leak, but if you’re informed and observant you can see the signs. Have you noticed your utility bill going up, even though you don’t seem to be increasing your water usage? Wet, discolored areas or warm spots on the floor, even though you didn’t spill anything? Cracks in your foundation? Foul odors from your drains?

All of these could potentially be the signs that your pipes have extensive leak problems. Even pinhole leaks can cause major problems for a home, but major leaks need to be addressed. Undetected or ignored leaks can cause:

  • Mold/Mildew
  • Ruined Walls, Floors
  • Furniture Damage
  • Structural Damage
  • Pipe Collapse

In addition, you’ll start to notice the basic inconveniences of problematic piping: low water pressure, puddles in your basement, stains on your walls — the works.

Anthony’s Plumbing: Leak Detection Solutions

Fortunately for Arizona, homeowners have the Anthony’s Plumbing professionals to find and solve their most difficult leaks.  To get to the bottom of your home’s leak problems, they’ll use:

  • Video Camera Inspection Tools
  • Thermal Imaging Technology
  • Air Testing
  • Smoke testing

We use industry standard equipment for every job, and we set the industry standard in terms of customer service. Our professionals will locate the leak with minimal disruption to your life, so you can stop guessing and start fixing the actual problem.

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