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Slab Leak Repair in Glendale Requires the Right Tools

July 1, 2015

Even though Glendale is located in an extremely dry climate, as a homeowner in the city, you need to keep your eye out for water leaks, and specifically slab water leaks. These leaks can often be hard to reach but must be repaired quickly in order to maintain the integrity of your home and your entire property.

The pros at Anthony’s Plumbing have all the proper tools to offer you any slab leak repair services you need in Glendale. We strive to consider every non-invasive approach with our slab leak detection equipment before determining if we need to dig up anything. If possible, these non-invasive procedures will save you money, time and the general hassle and inconvenience of property damage.

Here’s How We Perform Slab Leak Repair in Glendale

Once we detect the source of the slab leak, our skilled laborers immediately begin working on the best solution that will fit your budget. The features of our slab leak repair service options in Glendale include:

  • Spot Repair. A cost-effective option with a simple opening of the slab and fixing the pipe.
  • Repiping or Rerouting. If you have an older plumbing system, the most efficient approach may be to replace the entire leaking pipeline.
  • Epoxy Pipe Coating. This option is best for scenarios where there are several leaks in your system.
  • Yearly plumbing Check-ups. Our preventative services will identify slab leaks and other plumbing issues before they occur. We also specialize is performing water pressure test on your system during these tune-ups.

Act Fast! Slab Leak Repair Will Save Your Home

Our repairmen and repairwomen at Anthony’s Plumbing deliver our slab leak repair services in Glendale to make sure you’re getting the following benefits:

  • Preventing damage to the foundation of your home, such as cracks in structural walls and floors.
  • Avoiding any warping of wood floors.
  • Averting any mold trouble.
  • Keeping your water bills where they should be.
  • Eluding any awful smells coming for the walls and floors.

Contact our professionals at Anthony’s Plumbing for your slab leak repair needs in Glendale!