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Slab Leak Repair in Tempe Needs to Be Done QUICKLY

July 8, 2015

Do you need slab leak repair in Tempe? Then you’re best advised to schedule a service appointment with Anthony’s Plumbing AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

 Why Time Is of the Essence with Slab Leak Repair

 Slab leaks are some of the most frustrating and damaging plumbing problems you can encounter as a property owner. Simply put, a slab leak is a leak in the pipes that run beneath or through the cement slab of your basement. The difficult thing about a slab leak is that you typically can’t see it because the pipe is hidden from view. Signs that you have a slab leak include:


  • the sound of running water, even when all of the faucets in the property are turned off
  • unusually high water bills
  • “hot spots” in the basement floor where warm water is leaking from the pipes


It should be clear that none of these signs are easily noticed, which is why slab leaks can go undetected for a long time. However, when this happens, it can cause significant water damage to the structure of your home. Cement can become porous, wood can start to rot, and you can even get hazardous mold growth. Any of these problems requires professional attention and is costly to remedy.


Anthony’s Plumbing Repairs Slab Leaks Quickly and Cost-Efficiently

 If you suspect you have a slab leak in your property, call the team of expert plumbers at Anthony’s Plumbing right away. We have almost 15 years of experience repairing plumbing systems for residential and commercial customers in the Tempe area, and we’re well-qualified to fix your slab leak for you. When you call us, we’ll first diagnose what the problem is and where it’s located. Then we’ll assess the least invasive method for repairing it. Of course, we’re also available to answer any questions you have about the procedure.


So if you think you have a slab leak in your Tempe property, call the team of specialized plumbers at Anthony’s Plumbing for quality, cost-effective and quick repairs!