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3 Signs You Need Slab Leak Repair in Tempe AZ

March 3, 2016

Few Arizona homes come with basements, so that means your home is most likely resting on a slab foundation. A slab foundation is a flat surface that homes are built on, and they are usually made of concrete. Their main purpose is to serve as a protective barrier between your house and the ground, but they’re also home to your waterlines. As the foundation ages, it often shifts, and that movement wreaks havoc on the pipes that are enclosed within the concrete. With 15 years of plumbing experience, Anthony’s Plumbing specializes in slab leak repair in Tempe, AZ, and they’re here to help you recognize when you’re dealing with a leak caused by a shifting slab foundation.

  1. Hot and Cold Spots: It only takes a slight shift in your slab foundation to create tiny pinhole fractures in your pipes. Once the pipe is cracked, water will continuously leak, but because the pipes are within the slab, it’s not always obvious that you have a problem. One way to tell if your pipes are leaking is to pay attention to the temperature of your floor. If a hot water pipe is leaking, you’ll notice that a certain area of your floor is warmer than everywhere else. If a cold water pipe was hit, your floor will have seemingly random cold spots.
  2. The Sound of Running Water: Most leaks caused by slab issues are slow and steady, but if you listen closely, you may be able to hear the tell-tale sound of water trickling through the slab. If you suspect a leak, make sure that all of your faucets are in the off position and no water-using appliances are running. Quietly walk from room to room listening for a hiss, splash, or trickle that means you’re dealing with a leak.
  3. Increased Water Bills: Even a pinhole-sized crack has the potential to leak out immense amounts of water. If you’ve noticed that your water bill has suddenly skyrocketed without an obvious reason as to why, a slab leak is the most likely explanation. The longer you wait, the more money you’ll waste. Finding a reliable plumber that has experience with slab leak repair in Tempe, AZ is your best solution.

Anthony’s Plumbing is the area’s best resource for slab leak repair. Unlike their competitors, they have the equipment and know-how to solve your problem without ripping up floorboards or disrupting your daily routine. Call them today to learn more about your options and schedule an appointment for slab leak repair in Tempe, AZ.