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3 Signs You Need Water Heater Replacement in Glendale, AZ

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April 11, 2016

All major appliances decline in performance with age. Water heaters are no exception. It’s not uncommon for a homeowner to want to hold on to their old unit. For a long time, it has been reliable and the availability of hot water not an issue. Even stowed away in the basement, the system has an undo amount of stress that takes its toll over time. Soon it will be more practical to replace rather than fix it; especially there are more efficient and reliable models out there now. Here are three signs water heater replacement in Glendale, AZ is necessary:

  1. Temperatures won’t stay the way you want. It might be impossible to get or keep the right water temperature in the shower. This is an extremely frustrating experience. When the shower is used, water might be cold when coming out of the sink or used in the washing machine. Uneven heating is a sign of a problem. Given that old water heaters have large tanks, the heated storage might be getting depleted to soon. There may be damaged or worn heating components as well.
  2. Lots of noise comes from the heater. Some noise is heard in older homes as the weather cools. If you hear loud banging from the water heater, that is not normal. There could be blockages and mineral buildup. Sediment buildup can cause structural damage and wear out essential components much faster. The energy might be building up too much and causing excess expansion or heating elements could be misfiring. Sediment tends to build up over time. When there’s enough there, nothing can be done except replace the entire unit.
  3. Sure signs your water heater has gone bad. You might see cloudy or discolored water. It might look or smell metallic, meaning mineral deposits that have accumulated are traveling into your pipes and out the faucets. These can cause clogs and slow water flow. There might be visible leaks from the hot water tank, or you might see rust or leaks around the heater’s connections. The temperature and pressure relief valve might fail, causing serious damage to the water heater and raising the risk of an explosion.

If you experience these symptoms and/or the water heater has been in place for many years, it’s time for a replacement. Contact Anthony’s plumbing right away. A professional contractor will provide the advice and expertise you need for the best water heater replacement in Glendale, AZ. They’ll take out all the guesswork. You will also avoid inconvenient and even dangerous situations that arise as a result of a defective or failed water heater.