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4 Signs You Need Faucet Repair in Glendale

February 22, 2016

Did you know that all of your plumbing-related nightmares may be due to a lack of faucet repair in Glendale? That leaky faucet may not seem like much of a big concern, but you may wind up paying for it dearly in more ways than one. You must know how to identify when the time is right to seek repair from a professional. The sooner you spot something afoot with your faucet, the quicker you can respond and call for help immediately!

If you want to learn the common signs telling you it’s time for faucet repair in Glendale, please call Antony’s Plumbing today. We’re always available to help you spot indicators of faucet problems like a pro. Plus, when you know how to spot them, you can call us for excellent furnace repair that will save you plenty of money in the long-run!

When Should You Call Anthony’s for Faucet Repair?

The last thing you should do is wait to call for furnace repair in Glendale, so it’s important to identify the signs telling you the time is right to give us a call. Here are 4 common indicators of a faucet problem:

  1. High or Low Water Pressure: You should have greater control over the pressure of water coming out of your faucet, depending on how much water you need at that moment. High water pressure in particular may be a result of water flowing away from a certain point, resulting in backup.
  2. Rusting or Corrosion: Over time, your faucet may begin to develop patches of rust on its exterior. Rusting can impact water quality, making it hazardous to consume once the rust seeps into your water supply.
  3. Murky or Discolored Water: The water coming out of your faucet should always be crystal clear, but there may come a point where the water may be a cloudy gray, orange, or a reddish brown. Consuming this water may result in a vast array of negative health consequences. Call up a professional at Anthony’s Plumbing to inspect your pipes and see how they can restore crystal clear water.
  4. Higher Costs on Water Bills: That perceptibly tiny faucet leak could cost you some big bucks, and it may begin to be difficult trying to pay off bills. If water costs are proving too much for you to handle, please call for faucet repair in Glendale as soon as possible.

Contact Anthony’s Plumbing today if you need faucet repair in Glendale, especially if you observe 4 signs with your current faucet!