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How Can You Stop Leaks with Your Hot Water Heater in Tempe, AZ?

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August 7, 2016

A leaking hot water heater can create a potential slip-and-fall accident, a huge waste of water, a greatly increased water bill and an inadequate supply of hot water. Read on to discover how to stop leaks from your hot water heater in Tempe, AZ. If water is pooling at the base of your hot water heater, you can be sure there is a leak somewhere in the unit. A leaky water heater can have any number of causes. Let’s examine some of them here.

The first thing to do is determine where the leaking is originating from. Visible leaks are easy to detect. Water will either seep from the sides or top or pool around the base or bottom. It might also seep from seams or spigots or a pipe or fitting might be visibly cracked. Invisible leaks from inside or underneath the unit can be harder to detect, harder to diagnose, but not necessarily harder to treat and repair.

Turn Off The Water Heater

The simplest way to stop a leak is to simply turn the water heater off. At the very least, it stems the flow of water and utility expense until you can stem the flow of the leak. If your water heater is electric, you can also turn of the circuit that provides it with power. A gas water heater has an on/off switch that you simply twist to turn off.

Turn Off The Water Supply

Locate your water heater’s water supply line. It’s most typically located right on top of the water heater. Once you’ve located the line that supplies water to the unit, simply turn it off. This will stop the supply of water and stave off expensive water bills until you can identify the source of the leak.

Drain The Tank

Locate the drain valve on your water heater. Look at your manual if you still have it. If your manual can’t be found, perform a Google search for an online edition of your manual. Once you identify the valve, turn it to the open position and allow the water to drain from your water heater in order to relieve pressure. If you have identified the location of the leak, drain the water heater to at least an inch below the leak point.

Be careful! Take precautions to avoid coming into contact with the water heater while it’s hot or with the hot water, itself. Your safest best for a simple solution is to call the experts at Anthony’s Plumbing for leak repairs on your hot water heater in Tempe, AZ.