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Common Warning Signs You Should Call for Repiping Services in Tempe, AZ

June 13, 2016

As long as clean water comes into your home and dirty water flows out, most homeowners ignore their sewer lines until they start demanding attention. Learning to identify some of the common signals that your home might need repiping services in Tempe, AZ can go a long way in making sure you avoid exorbitant plumbing repair bills.

Check the fit of your water pipes. Fittings that don’t fit properly can cause leakage and seepage that can often lead to major damage and big utility bills. Most pipe line leaks occur at improper pipe fittings and bends in pipe elbows.

Low water pressure can be another indicator. It might mean your pipes are corroded. This can be caused by rust or build-up, or even invading tree limbs. You might also need to consider incorrect initial piping installation. Shady construction or slip-shod materials may be at the root of why you need to repipe.

Age is a major indicator of the need for repiping. If your home was built, or your pipes were installed, prior to 1960, they’re probably made of galvanized steel. Galvanized steel is much more susceptible to corrosion than its more modern counterparts. Consult your deed or your real estate agent to find out the age of your home. Then, seriously consider replacing those aging water lines with new repiping materials and techniques.

Your pipes are intended to accommodate years of constant use. Still, they’ll usually give tell-tale signals when something is amiss. If the pipes on the inside of your home show significant wear and tear, it indicates a need to check your underground pipes to either eliminate or identify them as the source.

Call Anthony’s Plumbing today and see how simple and affordable it can be to provide clean, safe, sanitary water to meet the vital needs of your family. It’s needed for personal hygiene, safe cooking and effective heating and cooling. We’re proud to provide repiping services in Tempe, AZ that will have your home safe and sanitary in no time flat.