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Sewer Problems: How They Manifest in Your Home

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August 21, 2017

Sewer problems can add up. Ignoring sewer clogs is a lot worse than an inefficient toilet. Clogged drains can damage your sewer line which can end up flooding your home with backed up sewage or costing you multiple expenses in water damage. Most sewer problems can be avoided, especially if you know what to look for.

The Warning Signs of Sewer Problems

 There are plenty of water appliances that every household uses frequently such as toilets, dishwashers, and washing machines. With frequent use comes frequent maintenance, and sometimes it’s tricky to identify the problem until it already becomes a costly repair. Luckily with most sewer problems, your home will have one way or another of telling you what’s wrong. Here are a few things to lookout for.

  • A higher water bill. A monthly water bill can typically vary between $10-30. One of the most accurate signs of a sewer problem, such as a pipe breakage, is an unusually high water bill. You might be aware of a plumbing problem, but your utility company won’t, and will charge for the extra water wasted.
  • Low water pressure. The water pressure from your water fixtures refers to the force of the water that’s being pushed out. If for example, your recent shower was very disappointing, there could be some piping that has expanded, cracked or burst. Low water pressure can also be a sign of a clog, which can eventually damage your home’s roof and walls or form mold.
  • Low flow. Water flow refers to the volume of water you receive from your sinks, shower heads, bathtub faucets, etc. If there is a less flow of water than usual, that indicates a leak somewhere in your piping.
  • Constant clogging. A toilet that keeps backing up suggests a bigger sewer problem. Most clogs are associated with a buildup of grease, debris, hair, and other waste. If a thorough cleaning, such as hydro-jetting, doesn’t solve the problem, there could be a break somewhere in your sewer line.
  • Foul odors. If something smells funny, that could mean two things. Either there is mold forming somewhere where there is water damage from a cracked pipe, or there is a crack in your sewer line and sewer gas is leaking into your home. Both are the result of broken piping, which is a sewer problem that should be fixed right away.
  • Slow drain. Another symptom of a sewer problem can be a slow drain, which usually indicates either a clog or a much bigger problem. If you continue to experience a slow drain even after you clean the sewer line, there could be another sewer problem at work, such as tree root intrusion, channeling, or cracks.
  • Extra green, lush patches of grass. The warning signs of a sewer problem don’t always happen inside your home. Sewage acts as a great fertilizer for your lawn, so if you find greener, lush patches of grass in your lawn, that’s a key indicator for a sewage leak underground. Sometimes if there is a sewage leak, the warning signs are much more obvious, such as finding a pool of sewer water in your yard.
  • Gurgling drains and bubbling toilets. When air is trapped inside your plumbing, it can result in your faucets, drains, and toilets producing bubbles, groans, and rattles. The odd sounds can also be an issue of some pipes coming loose from their fittings and rattling inside the walls. Either way, it’s best to contact a plumber to properly identify the problem if you start hearing strange noises.
  • Pests such as rodents and insects can be a sign of a break in your sewer lines. Both insects and rats can easily squeeze through cracks in your sewer system and invite themselves into your home. Contacting pest control will only temporarily solve the problem. If you have unwanted guests, you’ll need to find where they’re coming from, the entry point, and have a plumber repair the crack in your sewer line.

Don’t Wait Until Your Home Reeks of Sewage

Some sewer problems are as easy to fix as cleaning a drain, other sewer problems are much more complicated and require professional help to properly diagnose the issue. If you’re experiencing a sewer problem, it’s best to contact a plumber, as they have the right tools and training to effectively repair your plumbing.

Don’t wait until your mucking through backed up sewage, call Anthony’s Plumbing and save yourself the trouble of sewer problems.