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8 Signs You Need Sewer Repair This Fall

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October 18, 2016

Sewer repair is highly important if you expect to live comfortably this fall. How else can you relax when fixtures are clogging, leaks are springing up in your front lawn, and the costs of water bills are mounting? If you sense you have a sewer problem, you need to solve the situation immediately. However, sometimes, it can be much easier said than done. Your sewer line is located underground, making it difficult to determine if there are any lingering issues at all. In fact, a serious sewer problems may be on the horizon and you may not even have a clue. This can leave you much worse for wear when you have to pay utility bills, as sewer problems can lead to poor efficiency. Worse, you may be putting the sanitation of your home at risk, especially when contaminated water and who knows what else begins leaking out from the sewer line. This may sound like detecting sewer problems is impossible, but there is a way. All you need to do is take a closer look around the house and you may just discover warning signs of a problem, allowing you to call for professional service much sooner.

Why Should You Call Anthony’s Plumbing for Service?

Anthony’s Plumbing is here to help you this fall if sewer problems are giving you a hard time. We offer quick yet comprehensive sewer repair aimed at ensuring you continue to live without issue in your home this season. Our team of licensed, fully-trained plumbers will be able to assist with your every need, even the hard-to-locate sewer problems that often go unnoticed. Even if your sewer line is located underground, we’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get to the root of the problem. If it means ensuring you have a working plumbing system, we are more than up to the task. With just one phone call our way, you can save so much more on utility plumbing repair and ensure you are not going through a single moment without a reliable sewer line this fall.

The Top 8 Warning Signs of a Problem

In addition to providing you with top-notch repair services, we also want to provide you with a better understanding of your sewer line so you will know how to avoid trouble in the future. Part of that is alerting you of what signs to notice so you can call for service much sooner. In that case, please pay attention to any of these signs in your home:

  1. Clogged Fixtures: Sure, dealing with one clogged fixture is manageable, but it may seem like a huge crisis when fixtures are clogging all at once. However, don’t panic and instead realize this is a sign that you need a sewer repair. A plumber at Anthony’s Plumbing can perform sewer drain cleaning and eliminate clogs from any fixtures.
  2. High Costs on Water Bills: A leaking sewer line may the reason why you are experiencing higher costs on water bills, as it can lose you gallons of water. The longer you wait to receive service, the worse your financial situation becomes. Call a professional before your wallet totally empties in paying for water.
  3. Unpleasant Odors: Raw sewage is not what you want to smell in your home but if you do, you need to call for sewer repair immediately. Not only is this a sign of standing water, but the smells can actively detract from home atmosphere.
  4. Strange Noises: Are you hearing gurgling noises from your plumbing fixtures? Well, you shouldn’t be hearing any noises at all, and that means it’s time to call for sewer repair. It is also means for concern if you can hear the sound water struggling to pass through pipes, which indicates a blockage is present.
  5. Puddling on Your Front Lawn: If you are noticing puddles forming on your landscape, even if it hasn’t rained or you haven’t watered your lawn, it is definitely a sign of a sewer problem. This water may be unsanitary as well, putting the level of sanitation in your home at risk.
  6. Rodents: If your sewer line is malfunctioning, your home may be visited by a few furry friends, like rats and mice. If you are frightened at the sight of rodents, this warning sing may be most alarming. Rodents like to dwell in small, dark areas. If your sewer line is broken, it provides them with the perfect nesting place.
  7. Cracked or Broken Pipes: And speaking of broken sewer lines, you should definitely call for repair when you notice cracked or broken pipes. You cannot allow any physical damage to worsen, as that may only lead to even more trouble.  Even the smallest crack can grow into something much worse.
  8. You Own an Older Sewer Line: A sewer line can last you for years depending on its material. However, if your current sewer line is older than 40 years, it should be inspected by a professional. The older your sewer line becomes, the more likely you will need to seek repair. It may be even better to consider sewer replacement entirely.

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