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What to Consider Before A Toilet Installation

Oval toilet used in toilet installation
November 14, 2016

Toilet installation is absolutely essential if your current unit isn’t working up to standard anymore. No home should go without a toilet. There is no denying it. When you consider just how much you rely on it every day, it really is the most essential feature in your home. If your current toilet isn’t working anymore or simply proving too costly on your bills, you need to install a new one immediately so you will be able to experience both greater money savings and improve water conservation. However, before you just rush right out and get a new system, you also need to make sure you are purchasing the right one. The average cost of a standard toilet today is $348, with some of the highest-priced models costing over $800. You may wind up spending hundreds of dollars more on service than necessary, and that may not even be the worst of your problems. You can also expect poor system efficiency, an improperly sized toilet bowl, and inconsistent fixture performance. You may even have to get used to calling for plumbing repairs over and over again due to frequent system breakdowns. If you want to avoid these troubles, please consider before you purchase. It can drastically change how comfortably you live in your home.

Why You Should Call Anthony’s Plumbing for Service

Fortunately, Anthony’s Plumbing will be able to provide you with high-quality plumbing services to ensure you have an efficient toilet in your home. We can provide the latest model so you can expect long-lasting, highly-efficient performance for many years ahead. We aim to meet a wide range of plumbing needs and will always be willing to adapt our toilet installation service for your home. With our help, you will have a much better understanding of what it means to have the perfect toilet in your home. Our plumbing contractors will work with you before any plumbing installation work to ensure you are getting the right toilet for you. A little bit of careful consideration will allow you to save so much money on bills, enjoy greater convenience, and even live with a better peace of mind.

Common Features of a Toilet

No matter what toilet you install, here are some general features you will have to consider once you start using it in your home:

  1. Dual Flush: A dual flush gives you two options—you can press partial flush for liquids or full flush for solids. It saves a considerable amount of water over time, helping you avoid the stress of significant money loss.
  2. Concealed and Skirted Trapways: These features give the toilet a sleek look and exterior that is easy to clean and doesn’t “trap” as much grime. This will make your toilet much easier to clean.
  3. Automatic Flushing Sensors: Forget to flush? Then this feature is wonderful for those who don’t like touching toilets or who have forgetful friends and family members. It will turn on as soon as you are finished and operate efficiently so you are not worrying so much over higher plumbing costs every time the toilet flushes.
  4. One or Two-Piece: The vast majority of toilets in use are the two-piece, meaning the tank rests on the bowl portion and is tightened in place. These are usually easy to find replacement parts for at local hardware stores. The one-piece units, although more expensive, are quite sleek and mush easier to keep clean.

4 Things to Consider Before A Toilet Installation

With so many toilets available on the market today, you may feel a little lost in determining what system would be right for you. To make it easier, here are 4 points of consideration to take into account that will influence your decision:

  1. Seat Height: Please remember that there needs to be a comfortable amount of distance and difference between these models when you bend your knees, especially for all the members of your household. Though the average height of a standard toilet is about 14.5 inches, there are some other models that are designed to accommodate slightly taller people with a height of about 16 inches. Handicap-rated toilets may be even larger, ranging from 17 to 19 inches.
  2. Bowl Shapes: The two most common toilet bowl shapes are round and oval-shaped. Though many homeowners find oval-shaped toilets the more comfortable option, you may find they are a couple of inches longer than round counterparts and you will need to account for that extra space for your bathroom.
  3. Space in Your Home: Sure, maybe you picked the most-efficient toilet available, but can it fit in your home? Building requirements often make it clear that you need 15 inches from center to wall and at least two feet in front to have enough space for a new toilet. And you need to consider elbow room for yourself as well. Even if you installed a highly-efficient toilet that did manage to fit in your bathroom, it may be at the risk of your own comfort.
  4. Performance and Efficiency: Much of your toilet’s performance and overall efficiency will depend on its flushing abilities. There are two types of toilet flushing for you to choose from: gravity and pressure. Gravity fed flushing uses less water pressure but are more prone to clogging. Pressure units will use more water pressure and boast noisier operation. Though they use less water, they will be able to experience.

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