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Water Filtration in Glendale: What is Contaminating Your Drinking Water?

January 25, 2016

Water filtration in Glendale isn’t just a recommendation: it’s necessary. It can be a true life saver and rescue you and other members of your household from spending time in the hospital due to drinking contaminated water. Make no mistake, there are some extremely hazardous contaminants that can enter your drinking water and while you can’t necessarily see them, you certainly will feel their effects. You need to make sure you have water filtration that will eliminate any bacteria, dirt, sediment, and more from your average glass of water.

At Anthony’s Plumbing, we offer the best solutions for water filtration in Glendale to keep your water supply clean and healthy. We understand just how crucial water filtration be in the Glendale area, especially if you receive your drinking water from a treatment plant that uses chemicals to clean water. Our professionals can install whole home, faucet, and appliance filters so your water will be fresh for all plumbing fixtures!

Common Drinking Water Contaminants

The water filtration experts at Anthony’s Plumbing are here to make you more aware of what can potentially seep into your drinking water and the dangers that come along with it. Here are some of the most common contaminants:

  • Aluminum: Though low levels of aluminum will have no real impact on your health, there are far greater long-term effects if aluminum levels are high enough. Larger intakes of this contaminant have been linked to brain impairing functions, including Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Copper: Consuming water with copper can lead to stomach irritation and vomiting. In addition, it simply doesn’t taste good. The bitter taste may lead you spitting out your next glass of water in a hurry!
  • Lithium: The scariest part about lithium? It naturally occurs in drinking water in many areas across the United States, and consumption can lead to some nasty consequences including vomiting and severe kidney damage.
  • Microbes: Microorganisms are everywhere in our environment, in soil, air, food, and water. While many microbes are harmless, many waterborne pathogens can lead to diseases in humans and animals. Consuming microbes can range in effect, from minor illness to potentially fatal consequences.
  • Dirt & Debris: Perhaps consuming water with dirt and debris in it won’t necessarily cause immediate health defects, but it certainly can result in poorer water quality that can be a chore to consume and use for cleaning purposes. Water filtration will ensure your next glass of water will be a source of replenishment.

Contact Anthony’s Plumbing today if you need water filtration in Glendale and learn more contaminants threatening to find their way into your water supply!