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Why Should You Call Anthony’s for Slab Leak Detection in Tempe AZ?

March 11, 2016

If you have a home in Arizona, chances are you don’t have a basement. Slab foundations are more common and have the potential to be leak points. Resting on solid stone creates a stable foundation. Pipes running through the stone slabs, however, are potential problem areas, especially given the fact they tend to spring leaks over time and foundations can shift, causing pipe leaks and fractures.

You should consider slab leak detection in Tempe AZ if you notice unusual hot or cold places on the floor. Wood floors might become warped, or tiles can unexplainably change color. You might even hear water running even though no faucets have been turned on.

Other issues may be low water pressure, puddles forming out of nowhere, and hints of structural damage. The water bills may be going up even if you haven’t used more water than usual. At the sign of any of these, you should call a professional, licensed contractor to come take a look. Anthony’s has the expertise to handle these plumbing emergencies.

Expert Repair Solutions Are Available

Floor slab repairs can be expensive and extensive. Our team has the technology and tools to find leaks quickly. It might not even be necessary to open up the entire floor, which is something homeowners often fear. Leaks can often be fixed without such an intrusion.

If you suspect a slab leak, turn off the water main in your home. Call us because a plumber without the right experience will just start ripping things up to find the broken pipe under the floor. That’s another reason slab leak detection in Tempe AZ is the answer. We can built a new epoxy pipe inside the line that’s already there, without digging a trench in the process. Spot repairs with PEX piping are also possible.

Anthony’s Plumbing offers the least expensive and intrusive solutions for slab leak detection in Tempe AZ. Call us as soon as there’s evidence of a leak so you can avoid further damage and have peace of mind with a more practical solution.